September meeting of the South Beach Writers will be Saturday the 17th at noon.

If you come on the 10th (our regularly scheduled date) you will see a nice group of gals setting up for a tea party.

You can come to the tea party – it is a Timberland Library program and everyone is welcome.


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You Are My Inspiration

August 13 is the next South Beach Writer’s group meeting. We are going to have an important discussion about the future of the group. At the last meeting we talked about sharing the responsibility of leadership. For instance in August you will appoint a leader for September and in September appoint a leader for October and so on.


Monthly meetings will continue

The leader would have critique sheets ready and make sure the meeting is on the library calendar. The leader would moderate the readers and be non-judgmental and diplomatic during the reading time. If you want to, you can bring treats or make coffee or whatever you want, this is your group.

Let’s talk about in more detail in August.



The SBW Seafood Festival booth


I have appreciated the times that we laughed and cried and even sang together. I have heard blogs, journals, a Christmas letter, song lyrics and poetry. So much lovely poetry. You have shared memories of what it was like to be in a war zone in Korea,  tributes  to loved ones who are no longer with us, instructions about how to milk a cow and what it was like to lose your mother when you were just a child. I’ve heard chapters of your novels, discussed how to overcome writer’s block and what it feels like to be ‘in the zone’. Every month has been like a gift of inspiration and encouragement.


Bundle Up & Write Retreat at the Tokeland Hotel


We have attended the Write on the River conference together and had our own conferences at the Tokeland Hotel. Some of you have gone on to publish your own books. I have heard your writing improve as these years have gone by and I have heard your voices grow strong with confidence as you read to the group. I am so proud of all of you!


You have something important to say. Never stop saying it.




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Meeting July 9

sams book

At the beginning of our June 9th meeting, Sam Martin will spend some time talking about his newly published book, Curse at Cranberry Cove.
We will proceed with everyone reading afterwards as is our usual custom.

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Handing over the reins


June 25, 2016

Last month at the SBW meeting the readings were meaningful and eye opening and heartfelt and all the things that we see every month. Every month. What a privilege it is to meet with you every month and hear what you have been working on. I love everything you write and I love to hear the improvements in your writing as we spend time inspiring each other. This is what the group means to me.

I have seen you hold your papers in shaking hands as you read in a soft and unsteady voice, wondering if anyone would understand what you were trying to say. What would the group think of you? We loved it, by the way. Now you speak and write with confidence and can’t wait to share what you have created. This is what the group means to me.


When I began the South Beach Writers I didn’t know how to conduct a writing group…

When I began the South Beach Writers I didn’t know how to conduct a writing group but I knew that I wanted a forum for people to have a voice. While growing up I didn’t have permission to speak up for myself or express my emotions. We all have something important to say. This is a place to say it. The way you all encourage each other is astounding. This is what the group means to me.

While living at the beach I had the idea that each person tips the scale for the place they live. How will you affect your neighborhood, your town, your community? I wanted to step out and make whatever difference I could. I believe that happened. This is what the group means to me.

So now, I’m living in a larger community and it’s time for me to affect the place where I live and work. I want to hand over the reins to you, the members of the group. I want you to make the decision as to where the SBW group will go from here. Will one individual rise to the occasion and lead the group? Will you still meet but be a cooperative of writers who take turns leading?  Will this be a group who’s time has come and gone in the space-time continuum?

IMG_7738     IMG_5464

I will be stepping down after August and I want your input.

During the last four years, I have seen four books get published, writer’s block overcome, and scenes rewritten until they were perfect. We’ve had two successful writing conferences which included the Poet Laureate of the State of Washington and an author who was on the NY Times bestseller list, along with two publishing agents. We participated in the Seafood Festival where we sold books and handed out business cards. Here’s the thing: I’m not an English professor. I’m not well versed in punctuation. I don’t always get sentences perfect. You don’t have to be perfect to get out there and try. You get better as you go, we learn from each other.

Please come to the July and August meetings these next two months and let’s talk about it. I will be stepping down after August and I want your input. We have something amazing going but I want to see what you want to do with this. I can’t wait to see you and find out what you’ve created.

This what the group means to me.


Eileen Zobrist
Publishing for you



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What can SELF-e do for you?

Are you an unknown author who has written your first book?


coffee into books




Have you self-published and want to expand your reach?


Find out if SELF-e is right for you as an author. If you haven’t heard of SELF-e yet, I want you to check out this link.


It’s free, it’s easy, and you can get your ebook out there where readers can find it. I found out about this new collection at the Timberland Library where I work. All submissions, regardless of audience or genre, will be included in your local state collections!

“Small presses offer some of the most innovative works around today, but discovery of those titles is often difficult for librarians, given their limited time and resources.” –Henrietta Verma, Library Journal Reviews editor


Reminder – This coming Saturday, May 14 is our South Beach Writer’s group meeting at noon. Come to the Westport Timberland Library and share your writing with other authors.

Eileen Zobrist



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April meeting

women writers

Come to the library April 9 at noon, I’ll be waiting there with coffee and snacks.


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March Meeting Guest Speaker

Woodwick Flyer March 12

I am excited to announce that Gene Woodwick will be speaking at our March meeting!

Island Girl is a true story about a love affair with Washington’s San Juan Islands seen through the eyes of a young girl learning life’s lessons — some delightful and some difficult — growing up surrounded by the state’s inland waters.

Woodwick has written six books, including Images of America – Ocean Shores, Images of America – Logging in Grays Harbor, Coastal Combing: A potpourri of trashy treasures, Gene’s Pocket of History: A self-guided tour of Ocean Shores, along with her recently published Island Girl, a personal slice-of-life memoir that captures her time as a young girl growing up on Fidalgo Island in the early 1950s.

Gene will discuss the writing and publishing process and spend some time answering any questions you have.

There will be refreshments and a book signing after the program.


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